Hair-Urine-Blood Cleansing Program

Entire Body Will Be 100% Toxin Free Upon Program Completion! If you are not sure of the type of test you are going to be subjected to, or want to completely cleanse your whole body this cleansing kit is for you. Program includes a ten day supply of PRE-TOX Master Concentrated Capsules, All Natural Herbal Clean Master Tea, a 32 oz bottle of QCARBO 1 SHOT - SUPER CLEANSING FORMULA, one bottle of Get Clean Shampoo, one Home Test Kit and one package of Quick Fizz Detox Tablets. With our Complete Cleansing Program we have combined our strongest shampoo with our Permanent programs to cleanse your system forever. Your hair, urine and blood will be permanently cleansed unless toxins are re-introduced into the body. SUGGESTED USAGE Start your pre-cleanse program by taking 3 capsules of PreTox Master Concentrated caps every 4 hours for the first 6 days. Drink at least two cups of Herbal Clean Master Tea per day up until the day when you desire to be clean. On the day of your dead line: Shake and drink the entire 32 oz. bottle of QCarbo 1 Shot at a comfortable yet consistent pace. Over the next half hour, it is important to relax and allow your body to eliminate fluids and toxins by urinating frequently. Product will be most effective from 1 to 7 hours after drinking. Test yourself with included THC MARIJUANA TEST DEVICE (usage instructions are included). If desired results are not obtained, ONE HOUR PRIOR!!! the time you desire to be clean, drop one Quick Fizz tablet into 20 ounces of water and let the tablet dissolve and drink it down. Wait 15 minutes. Drop the second Quick Fizz tablet into 20 ounces of water, let the tablet dissolve and drink it down. Quick Fizz will be effective in one hour and lasts for up to 5 hours. Use Urine Luck Get Clean Shampoo TWO hours prior your deadline. Shake the bottle well before use. Apply about half of the bottle to wet hair, massage it thoroughly into your hair for 10 minutes and let the shampoo stand in hair for next 20 minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water and repeat the process with the rest of the bottle. Do not use any other shampoos or conditioners after this treatment. UrineLuck Get Clean Shampoo is effective for the next 5-6 hours. IMPORTANT HINTS FOR SUCCESS!!!

* Urinate as often as possible. This is an important step in the cleansing process.
* Drink plenty of water several days prior to your Emergency Flush.
* Avoid all unwanted toxins for 24-48 hours prior to the time you desire to be clean. (The longer is better!)
* Results may be temporary, TIME IT CAREFULLY!

Warning: Consult your physician before using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 15% OFF if purchased individually

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jasmine directory

A FEW WORDS ABOUT Computers &  Technology CATEGORY

Since their invention in the mid-1900s, the field of Computers has expanded to include almost every aspect of life in the modern world. There are enough computer-based technologies and fields of knowledge to fill entire libraries and sections of book stores, not to mention terrabytes of data stored on computers themselves. This may sound daunting, but's computers directory is a great place to start sorting out all the areas in which computers play a role (albeit a constantly changing one) in the world around us.
While our computers directory listings are extensive, we have organized our subcategories in a way that will allow computer users at any level, from beginner to expert, to understand topics like the internet, hardware, security, software, artificial life and intelligence, data formats, e-books, emulators, intranets, hacking, fonts, supercomputing, mobile computing, newsgroups, robotics, and even historic topics like Bullitain Board Systems and Usenet newsgroups.

While our computers directory listings are extensive, we have organized our subcategories in a way that will allow computer users at any level, from beginner to expert, to understand topics like the internet, hardware, security, software, artificial life and intelligence, data formats, e-books, emulators, intranets, hacking, fonts, supercomputing, mobile computing, newsgroups, robotics, and even historic topics like Bullitain Board Systems and Usenet newsgroups.

We offer education and consultants, ways of shopping through computers, finding employment in computer-related fields, determinations of the best product support programs, and access to mailing lists and organizations which can assist you in developing your understanding of all the ways in which computers have fully integrated into our world today.
Some overlap exists between our computer and other sub-directories, which goes to show how vital an understanding of computers and our articles about them is to an individual's ability to get along in the modern technological world. By becoming well-versed in subjects like mobile computing, multimedia, programming, games, and computing ethics, even someone who does not work with computers full time will be able to understand how much computers are able to affect their day to day life.
For those growing up in the modern world, computers also offer a way to connect with their peers. Our articles on chats and forums, as well as virtual reality and human-computer interaction, offer opportunities to understand how computers are contributing to a shift in the way human beings relate to one another - and without this understanding, anyone in today's world is doing themselves a disservice.
Computers are the future, and is a great place to start learning about that future.

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A FEW WORDS ABOUT Computers & Technology : Networking CATEGORY


One important facet of a well connected technology environment is that of staying connected, whether it's to the outside world via the Internet or between several departments within a company via intranet or another internal network. Networks allow businesses to exchange important data between offices with relative ease and without any hassle.

Communication between workers is also greatly improved, further improving the work environment while also reducing lag time that occurs when transferring information from one area to another. Networks also allow businesses to keep in touch with their clients. E-mails, teleconferencing and instant messaging are just some of the ways that a business can stay in contact with clients and employees who are out in the field. A properly networked office can easily enjoy a streamlined work flow and effortless communication among fellow workers.

Networking involves a mix of both hardware and software solutions, ranging in scale depending on the needed application. Hardware companies such as Cisco specialize in providing solutions for networking on a large scale, offering a variety of products designed for building corporate LAN networks, as well as solutions for wireless networks. Other companies such as Linksys and Netgear focus on consumer grade products for both LAN and wireless networks. Most software applications help monitor and control several aspects of a network, including how much bandwidth is used on the network and what content can be accessed on the network.

Firewalls help prevent unauthorized and unwanted content such as viruses and malware from gaining access to the network, while encryption controls how users are able to access the network.

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the newest MMO online game: AION

The Chanter can be explained in two words: commandment and conviction. It rigorously trains the body and mind to become skillful in healing, attacking, and enhancement magic. In addition to its magical abilities, it also possesses exceptional skills involving the use of the staff. The chanter uses mantra magic to inspire the morale of allies, and since it can strengthen abilities, it is the gathering center during battle.

Lady Yustiel, the Guardian of Life, is the master of the Elysean Chanters,  while Lord Marchutan, the Controller of Destiny, is served by Asmodian Chanters.

The Chanter is similar in personality to the Cleric, but possesses more variety when it comes to physical attack skills. However, it has less mana compared to the Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, or Cleric, all of which use large amounts of mana. This means the Chanter must be careful to make efficient use of its skills even though it tends to use less mana when using them.

Chanters also possesses a variety of buffing, recovery and curing skills, which makes this class very versatile. In particular, the area of buffs, called Mantras, are the Chanter’s trademark skills. This allows a Chanter to not only buff its own abilities, but to also enhance nearby allies as well.

This versatility allows the Chanter to support a party by healing, engaging an enemy to deal damage, or be a back-up tank when equipped with a shield. Its role during combat will be defined by the situations a party finds itself in.

Having the highest efficiency among all the classes for recovery and buffing magic means that in addition to grouping with others, the Chanter can effectively play alone when allies are not around.

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aion classes


Typhoon Ondoy flood the streets of Metro Manila (help them Please)

By Vernadette Joven (

MANILA, Philippines – As typhoon Ondoy continues to hit Luzon,   Metro Manila and nearby areas are currently flooded, the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) reported.
Based on NDCC’s latest situation report, areas in the National Capital Region that are not passable include Malabon (C4 Letre, M.H. Del Pilar, Panghulo Road, Catmon and Dampalit);  E. Rodriguez cor. Araneta Avenue in Quezon City; Palasan in Valenzuela; Brgys. 180, 185, 187 in Pasay; Brgy. Santolan in Pasig; Barangay Malanday in Marikina; Brgy. Tunasan in Muntinlupa; and Brgys. Banaba, Sta. Ana, and San Mateo in Rizal.
According to the recent weather bulletin from Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) signal no. 2 remains in Aurora, Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Zambales, Pampanga, Bulacan, Rizal, Northern Quezon, and Polilo Island. While Isabela, Mountain Province, Ifugai, Benguet, La Union, Ilocos Sur, Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Mindoro provinces, Lubang Island, Marinduque, Camarines Norte, Bataan, Metro Manila and the rest of Quezon are under signal no. 1.
PAGASA added, typhoon Ondoy continues to move with a maximum sustained winds of 85 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 100 kph. and is expected to leave the country’s area of responsibility by Monday morning.

Typhoon Ondoy has already left Metro Manila leaving millions of pesos worth of properties and infrastructures damaged in its wake. Also, 73 people were already confirmed dead and 23 are still missing while affecting almost 340,000 people, according to GMA News.

Landing Page Optimization and your PPC with Google

Picture this: You’re sitting in the conference room working out the last details of your landing page content. The web designer wants the call-to-action link to be “Get started now!” and the chief copywriter thinks it should be “Contact Sales.” Everyone has an opinion, but nobody has any evidence to back it up. Landing page optimization can give you some real data on which to base these decisions. The most common types of page optimization testing are A/B testing and multivariate testing. These are jargon for two very simple ideas: A/B testing (also called an A/B split) compares the performance of two page designs, and multivariate testing compares the performance of a larger number of page designs by swapping out content in several sections of the page at once.

Even if you have strong convictions about what you think your page content should be, we recommend letting a page optimization test provide more clues. Many website owners report being shocked by what their tests ultimately show to be the most effective content.
Both multivariate testing and A/B testing are available via a tool within the Google AdWords management interface called Website Optimizer. You will need a Google AdWords account to access Website Optimizer, but it does not need to be actively running ads. Other companies offering multivariate testing tools (for a fee) include Offermatica, Optimost, and Memetrics. You might as well start with the free Google option. You can always move up to the paid services after you’ve fallen in love with page optimization testing.
Today, we’re going to get you started on a page test of your own.

Your Multivariate Test

Ready to get started? We recommend performing multivariate testing rather than an A/B split for the simple reason that we think it’s more fun. Here’s how multivariate testing works:
• You designate a few sections of your web page that you would like to test. For example, you might specify the headline, the first paragraph of text, and an accompanying photograph as your three sections.
• For each section, you create two or more versions of its content.
• The multivariate testing system plays mix-and-match with your variations, showing a random combination to each of your website visitors.
• After the test has run for some time, the combination with the highest conversion rate wins! The most sophisticated testing systems can find the best combinations based on statistics, even when those exact combinations haven’t been tested.

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A Home Staging Challenge

Real good living just by getting paid for blogging

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The internet is a great place to find income opportunities. It seems that the possibilities are almost endless. Every where you look, it seems that everyone has some sort of way to make money. In fact, there are so many opportunities to make money online that it is rather confusing to most! I have encountered the words "content is king" more than once online!
When I was a newbie, I really didn't understand the true meaning of those few words. Basically what it means is that, if you have knowledge on a certain subject or niche, you should write about it to inform others. If you are informative, and helpful your content will soon be king.
Getting paid for blogging is a perfect example of this. If you are knowledgeable, and informative about the niche or subject that you choose to blog about, chances are your content will become king in no time at all. Having good content on your blog will lead to more traffic. Traffic is a major part of earning money with a blog.
After you get your best content written for your blog, you should sign up for Google Adsense. This is where you allow Google to run ads on your blog, and when one of your visitors click on an ad, you will get paid a certain percentage. You will also get paid just for having people visit your blog. This is why the content part is a very important part of blogging.

Getting paid for blogging is a very easy way to begin making money online.

Mostly because it doesn't have to cost you a dime to get started. All you need is a computer with internet, and great, informative content. That's it. You will also need to learn how to drive traffic to your site. The more traffic you receive the more money you can make. A blog is very similar to a website. After you get your blog up and running, you could actually use it to sell products from.
This is called affiliate marketing. There is very good earning potential behind blogging. There are so many ways to benefit, and you can apply more than just one income opportunity to blogging. Thus making it possible to make a real good living just by getting paid for blogging.
Blogging is often over looked by people who are trying to make money online! Most people think it is too hard, but it really is quite easy. You really just have to be dedicated to the niche or subject that you choose, and try to write on your blog every day. People wont keep coming back if you don't add new, fresh content often. Getting paid for blogging is a wonderful way to cash in on some online cash!

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learn about advertising is a unique auction site with a twist where you can buy brand new items for a penny! - New Auction site with a twist
BidHere is a revolutionary penny auction concept. The basic idea is to offer brand new products
at very attractive prices. The auction works as follows:

1) All Products are brand new and auctions start at $0.00
2) User creates an account
3) Buy bids for $0.60 (US) each
4) Each bid increases the price by $0.02 at a time
5) Place bid and wait for timer to reach 00:00:00
6) Each auction has a countdown timer between 15 seconds and 3 minutes
7) When the timer reaches zero, the last bidder wins the right to purchase the product
8) If another user counterbids, the countdown timer will restart.

Products on Auction:

1. LCD TVs
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23. Cell Phones
24. Mice & Keyboards
25. PDA’s

Brands on Auction:

1. Apple
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6. Samsung
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8. Bose
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10. Canon
11. Epson
12. Kodak
13. Asus
14. Acer
15. Dell
16. Pentax
17. SanDisk
18. JVC
19. Olympus
20. Tom Tom
21. Insignia
22. Navigation
23. Bose
24. Wii
25. TiVo
26. LG
27. Toshiba
28. Xbox
29. Logitech
30. Fujifilm

Apple, iPhone, iPod, iMac, Macbook Pro for $20!?!
Sony, PS2, PS3, Xbox, games, consoles for $5.90!
Camera, Nikon, Canon, Digital SLR cameras, Camcorders
$0.60 per bid!
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