Wildon Home Leaburg Contemporary TV Console in Cappuccino


  • TV console
  • Cappuccino finish
  • Constructed of wood
  • Contemporary
  • Overall dimensions: 83" H x 94" W x 26" D

Facebook Markup Language (FBML)

Facebook Markup Language (FBML) enables you to build full Facebook Platform applications that deeply integrate into a user's Facebook experience. You can hook into several Facebook integration points, including the profile, profile actions, Facebook canvas, News Feed and Mini-Feed.
FBML is an evolved subset of HTML with some elements removed, and others which have been added that are specific to Facebook. You set the FBML for a profile box by calling profile.setFBML through the API. The FBML is cached on Facebook's server until profile.setFBML is called again through a canvas page. For a high-level technical spec for FBML, please see FBMLspec.
To see which HTML and FBML tags you can use in various parts of your application, such as canvas pages, email, or Feed stories, see Allowed FBML and HTML Tags.
You can define new FBML tags using Custom Tags. You can also use in your application custom tags that other developers created. To see the list of public tags from other developers, visit the Custom Tags Directory.

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Dancing Robot Dog

 A new latest technology This little dog will dance on any music you play. You feed the I-Dog with music by plugging the lead into the headphone jack of your audio device. This dog likes all kind of music, it will dance on anything! Rock and punk make him rebellious, pop and R&B makes him feel good and dance music makes him excitable. It can also acts as a portable speaker + you can plug in a headset to enjoy the music together with the dog. Stroking his head will make him excited. The dog has little disco lights on his head which will flash along with the music. You do not even have to plug in a lead, the dog has built in "ears" which will dance to the music when you place it next to a speaker. This dog does not need food or walks, it just loves dancing.