Top 5 online advertising forms that small business owners use

Most small business owners understand the need to have an effective online marketing campaign in today’s Internet friendly marketplace. Even a one person operation benefits through using a website and creating an advertising program that will direct customers to their business. But just creating and maintaining a website alone is not sufficient to keep a competitive edge in the continually fluctuating economy. Unless a customer uses name recognition to search for and locate a business, dozens of other competitors may receive higher search priority.
The top 5 online advertising forms that small business owners use normally include a variety of methods that target all aspects of Internet use:
1. Using Email Marketing
This direct marketing approach works particularly well for a small business whose customer base is somewhat established. Weekly or bi-weekly news and promotions can be sent to a large group and may not be automatically rejected as “spam”. For example, a real estate agent may choose to send a newsletter in the form of a monthly email. Or new customers who shop at a local boutique can be added to the email list and sent special promotional materials.

2. Marketing through a Blog
Another effective marketing tool included in the top 5 online advertising forms that small business owners use involves keeping an active blog. Just like the old days when news passed around the barber shop, people love to check the latest trends and catch up on the news. By placing information in an optimized search engine format, both new customers and existing clients will find the website and look for news. This inexpensive method of marketing only requires the time to add new information and photos on a regular (weekly or daily) basis.
3. Display Search Engine Ads
Several popular search engine providers offer methods to place ads on a variety of websites. Normally the business owner only pays for the advertising when someone clicks on the box. This method may draw new customers to a business. For example, an out of town visitor looking for a restaurant may see the ad on a hotel or Chamber of Commerce site and be inclined to write down the address. A small business owner controls the advertising budget by choosing how many ads to place and monitoring their effectiveness.
4. Create Online Press Releases
Another of the top 5 online advertising forms that small business owners use involves creating an online press release. Many people use the Internet to receive news and information on a daily basis. By creating an interesting and appropriate story and releasing it through a free press release website, the reader develops company name recognition. For instance, a chiropractor who develops a new procedure or an architect who wins an award for best design can use this method to document their success and to gain recognition and new clients.
5. Distribute Promotional Materials
The Internet provides a means for small business owners to distribute marketing materials and promotional items. Everyone is looking for a bargain these days and a free token or coupon that brings a customer to the shop is well worth the expense. The materials are printed online or requested through a form. One of the most effective of the top 5 online advertising forms that small business owners use gives the Internet visitor a useful item with a company name attached.


Style Sheets and XHTML

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an enormously powerful tool that has been slow to catch on in the HTML development world. Whether or not you use (or like) CSS, the continuing evolution of CSS is deeply intertwined with the work moving forward on XHTML so learning about CSS can help you understand XHTML as well as implement it. Fortunately, CSS isn't very difficult once you master a few key structures and learn to apply its vocabulary. There are some real problems with existing CSS implementations that I cover later in this article, but future XHTML work probably should make as much use of CSS as possible.

Note Cascading style sheets is an enormous specification in itself, worth a article or three on its own. This article gets you started in CSS, but you'll want to find additional information if you move into CSS in a big way. The latest information on cascading style sheets from the W3C is available at The discussions in this article focus on CSS Level 1 and CSS Level 2, both of which are stable as paper specifications if not completely implemented. The ongoing development of CSS Level 3 is likely to bring some significant changes to the XHTML landscape, and is definitely worth following. For a current list of CSS work, see

Separating Format from Content

CSS was one of the W3C's earliest efforts at separating formatting information from document structure in HTML. This recurring theme has been at the heart of most W3C HTML activity since HTML 4.0's start, and CSS is a critical ingredient in implementing that project. By providing a simple set of tools that exercise much more thorough control over presentation than HTML itself, CSS was supposed to lure developers away from the millions of FONT tags used in HTML documents. CSS is the carrot; HTML 4.0's (and XHTML's) deprecation of the FONT element is the stick. CSS offers document designers a number of key features that are nearly impossible to implement effectively with straight HTML (even if the FONT element is used). CSS also provides reusability. The formatting descriptions applied to documents can be applied to any document with the same vocabulary. CSS even lets you create style sheets that address particular situations within a given vocabulary, specifying formatting based on nested element structures or attribute values. You can make tens of thousands of HTML documents use the same formatting just by connecting one line of code in each document to the same CSS style sheet. This also makes it easy to change formatting across all of those documents because changes made to the master style sheet are reflected in all the documents that use it. Managing presentation is much simpler when all it takes is a change in a style sheet rather than a search-and-replace across thousands of documents.

Tip Keep your style sheet documents in a safe place! Any time your documents refer to a central style sheet, you can use that resource to modify the presentation for all your documents. It makes it easier for you to make the changes, but attackers potentially could modify the style sheet to graffiti your pages. See the first part of David Megginson's "When XML Gets Ugly" presentation at for some of the attacks you should watch out for. Although a single master style sheet for a site is attractive, sometimes you need to change a presentation for a particular unit of an organization, a certain document, or even a certain element. The "cascade" in Cascading Style Sheets enables you to handle this problem easily without requiring constant cut-and-paste to create customized style sheets. Style sheets and documents can reference multiple style sheets, and CSS provides a set of rules for resolving where to use each style. HTML and XHTML provide extra hooks – the class and style attributes – for connecting style-based formatting to particular elements. (The hooks aren't as necessary in XML, where developers have more control over the vocabulary.) Cascading Style Sheets also enables designers to get out of the complex business of formatting HTML generated by server-side programs. Rather than having to edit templates filled with programming code, designers can agree with programmers on what the output of those programs should look like and then design style sheets to match without getting directly involved in the code. On the client side, CSS makes it easy for programmers to reach into the formatting created by document designers and change it when appropriate; thus, designers do not have to build styling specific to a page. While designers and programmers sometimes have to work closely together in both client- and server-side development (and sometimes they're the same person), CSS makes it easy to divide responsibilities cleanly. Finally – although this isn't implemented widely in browsers – CSS offers mechanisms that enable users to specify how content should be formatted. Combined with the emphasis on accessibility that has influenced much of the CSS process, this enables readers to access information in a format that's comfortable for them. Some readers need larger font sizes, while others just want to get the information in as compact a form as possible. Still other readers need aural (audio) presentation of the content – either because they can't see it or because, for instance, they're driving their cars and checking the news. Some designers grit their teeth at the prospect of users changing their carefully built designs, but for many users this critical issue determines the Web's usefulness for them.  

Google and blog advertising

Google has created a massive infrastructure and network tailored towards attracting advertising with content. Combining Google and blog advertising make great sense; so much so, that Google has called its vehicle for advertising AdSense. Using this tool and other blogging techniques can generate valuable revenue.

The term "blog" is an abbreviated version of "Web log". It provides news, information and a communication forum for different ideas, concepts and opinions. Blogging has exploded in popularity. Technorati, an open source blog search engine, reported in its State of the Blogosphere 2008 that 95% of the top 100 newspapers have blog reporters. The comScore MediaMetrix firm estimated 77.7 million unique U.S. blog visitors in its August 2008 report. Blogging is a great communication platform. It has the potential to assist many newspapers in moving from "static brick-and-mortar journalism" to a more "vibrant continually updated information medium".
Gradually, part-time writers are seeking to turn blogging into a full-time career. They must pay for their Web pages and Internet connections. Thus, they have considered ways to generate advertising revenue.
A blog page is organized around individual posts, with the most recent information at the top and front. It allows for participation, comments and feedback.
"Content is king". Television is a box offering "free" content. Its shows are paid for by advertising. The blogger is attempting to build on this same model.
Bloggers are deciding to work with companies like Google to allow for advertisement placement on their Web sites. Bloggers are also more involved in reviewing different products and services. These two vehicles can be interlinked in order to generate income.
Google AdSense has a number of important guidelines for placing advertisements on Web sites. Google doesn't want "invalid clicks"; thus, it restricts the efforts that bloggers might use in directing customers to ads. Google wants only "genuine valid clicks and impressions from real customers." AdSense prohibits "competing ads" which are content-targeted or text-based. Google prefers "text rich" Web sites with high keyword density for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Web sites with consistenly high levels of traffic, expensive keywords and high quality links will benefit the most from AdSense.
AdSense directs bloggers to simply add source code to their blogs to help Google analyze their page. Google will then attempt to match advertisers with relevant Web pages. Other Google income can accrue through site search and referral tools. You can automatically submit your blog site to Google for crawling.
Google has a wealth of experience with advertising and marketing. It is wise to leverage Google's vast worldwide network to improve advertising potency. There is a multiplier effect in attracting Google advertisers. This will naturally make your Web site more popular, attracting more customer traffic.




Horoscope for September 17, 2009

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

The Bottom Line

Follow your heart and do what you think is right -- don't go along with the crowd.

In Detail

There are many small details you'll need to pay attention to today if you want to keep things on a positive track at work or at school. Dates, numbers and other types of facts will be tossed around by your group, and it will be in your best interest to write them down and get things organized -- no one else will be paying attention. Pull out your calendar and book those dates, schedule those meetings, and make sure everyone is on the same page at the same time.


HDTV Cables and Connections

As you pull your shiny new HDTV out of its (probably very large) box - and consider connecting it to your TV source, your DVD player, your home theater receiver, and all the other “stuff” in your family room or media room - you may have a moment of panic (or at least a small shiver of fear) when you consider how many different choices you have for cables and connectors. Never fear, HDTV For Dummies is here to help you. Cables are actually pretty easy when you think about them in terms of a hierarchy - some cable/connection types are (almost always) simply better than others - they give you a better picture or clearer audio. Once you know this hierarchy, you can quickly examine your connection options for any piece of equipment attached to your HDTV, choose your best option, and astound your friends. In this article, we explain analog and digital cable options for audio and video, and explain their positions within this hierarchy. We also explain how copy-protection systems may affect your options. Video Connections Look at the back of any HDTV (or any DVD player or home-theater receiver) and you see what scares many folks away from jumping in to hook up their own HDTVs and audio/video (A/V) equipment. There are just so darned many choices back there - who could possibly know which connector to use?

Well, we know. High-definition video There’s often a significant difference in the functionality and video quality of connections. Few cables can handle HDTV signals. Some DVD players have high-definition connectors. But when this article was published, none of these were HDTV DVD players. Instead, a circuit called a scaler (see Article 6) converts the standard DVD picture to work a little better on an HDTV screen. It’s a worthwhile improvement, but you probably should use all your high-definition connections for true HDTV components before you use a high-definition connection on a DVD player. Digital connections Digital video connections (such as DVI-D, HDMI and FireWire) are the best choice for often-used HDTV video connections, such as the link to your HDTV from a satellite or cable receiver. Not all HDTV devices use the same digital connections, but it’s usually worth the trouble to use digital connections when you can, even if you need an adapter for different digital connections. As the HDMI connection replaces DVI-D, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to use an inexpensive (under $50) adapter. For example, if your HDTV has an HDMI connector and your HDTV set top box or tuner uses DVI-D, you can connect your devices through one of these converters.

The first rule of HDTV connections: Use a digital video connection to connect from a source device to your HDTV, if you can. Digital connections almost always provide the best picture. Theoretically, HDMI connections can offer the best picture quality of any of the digital connections available on HDTVs, simply because these cables have so much bandwidth that they can offer uncompressed HDTV signal transmission. In the real world, however, any of these digital connections offers an exceptionally clear and sharp picture, and HDTV signals are almost always compressed for transmission or storage anyway. On some pieces of gear (typically HDTV cable set top boxes - discussed in Article 9), some of the digital connections may be disabled - the connections are physically present, but the software within the device that lets them work is turned off. So, for example, if an HDTV set-top box from your cable company has a FireWire port, you probably can’t use that FireWire port to connect a D-VHS recorder. Check with your cable company before spending money on cables and equipment that use these ports! The most common digital-video cable for HDTV is DVI-D. (DVI stands for digital video interconnect, and the extra D means it’s for digital TV.) If you’re using DVI-D connections, watch out for two problems: -  Not all DVI connectors work with HDTV. Make sure you have DVI-D cables if you use DVI-D in your HDTV system. Computers use another type of DVI connector that has a confusingly similar name: DVD-I
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Internet Advertising advantages and disadvantages

Many advertisers want many things. Advertising is multi-faceted. To be effective, Internet advertising programmes need to be specific in their goals, specific in their audiences and specific in their means. Out of a myriad of effects, Internet advertising can particularly help in the following areas:

- To create awareness: it can help to make things known. On the whole, people do not deal with things they have never heard of, or they prefer not to.
- To create or develop favourable attitudes: it can help to foster a positive view of the product or service.
- To develop a brand identity: Internet advertising can help invest a product with a special image or characteristic.
- To position a product in a market: where a market is segmented, Internet advertising can help position a product with a particular segment and identify with it. Rolls-Royce and Mini cars occupy different segments. Their communication reflects this and maximises this.
- To sustain relationships: it is a force to build and strengthen producer–customer relationships over time.
- To persuade: Internet advertising puts up a case for the customer to be attracted to the product on offer.
- To create demand: Häagen Dazs or McDonald’s. Communication makes the product seem desirable, worthwhile and attainable.
- To build up enquiries: often Internet advertising is a bridge between the product and a sales call. Its function is to obtain enquiries: for a sales call, or for literature, or for a sample, or for a price estimate.
- To support distributors: where there is a distributive chain, the distributor may require reinforcement in the local marketplace.

- To sustain the organisation: a company may need to consolidate, or re-establish, or explain or reposition or rebuild relationships. It wishes to strengthen old friends or build new ones. Here Internet advertising may have a strong corporate role.
- To launch new products: Internet advertising is a key weapon in the battery of services used to launch products into the marketplace.
- To offset competition: one characteristic of the recent past has been the growth of the market concept. Another is the growth of the brand. A third feature is the growth of competitive activity.
As markets grow so usually does competition. Few markets remain monopolies. As the customer remains sovereign, and a multiplicity of suppliers arise to serve him or her, so competitive activity accelerates. A prime example of this is telecommunications. From a simple monopoly producer with a short range of products has emerged a spread of suppliers and a cornucopia of services. Competition is the norm.
Advertising helps meet competitors and match competitors, by persuading the customer or providing a counter-claim. In an increasingly competitive world, suppliers must advertise to protect themselves against primary competition, and sometimes against other categories of product too.
- To help provide a point of difference: people do not favour ‘me-too’ products. The brand needs a difference, a unique personality, a point of interest, a feature which will isolate it from a multitude of others.
Brands sell differences, or ‘product pluses’. These can be powerfully conveyed through Internet advertising. Guinness is not a brown stout: it is a unique, mystical beverage. Martini is not just another vermouth: it is a sophisticated, superior substance in its own right. Differences are of emotion, or style, or status as well as of product specification.
- To help reach people: in some cases, an organisation may need to reach an important contact group, but finds it cannot do so directly, not effectively or economically. But it may do so with Internet advertising.

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Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Vs PS3


Limited-Edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360

A limited-edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 console will come with a 250-GB hard drive, the largest available for the gaming system.

The 250-GB drive will not be sold separately, according to Xbox programming director Larry Hyrb. The largest Xbox 360 drive available until now was the 120-GB detachable drive that comes with the $300 Elite model.

you can play more and more for this edition. like "call of duty" modern warfare 2.

and almost the graphic is very nice. some of games that available for warfare 2 is
-Highrise Demolition
-Brazil Defend
-Highrise Prone part 1
-Highrise Prone part 2
-capture the flag
-call of duty
-flag runner

The latest scans from Game Informer reveal exciting information about the Call of Duty 4 sequel.
Following a video teaser earlier this week, the latest issue of Game Informer magazine offers new details on the highly anticipated first-person shooter Modern Warfare 2. Fans of the first Modern Warfare will be happy to know that one of its major characters, Sergeant John "Soap" MacTavish, returns as the captain of an international group called Task Force 141 -- but he'll be an NPC this time around.

The magazine mentions that the sequel "continues the narrative begun in Modern Warfare, with the world facing dangerous political instability in Russia." A terrorist group aims to use Russia's political turmoil to their advantage to secure the troubled empire's weapon stockpiles. Makarov, the leader of that group, also happens to be an associate of Zakhaev, the man responsible for the first games' nuclear attack.

The feature goes on to detail an expedition Soap leads through treacherous mountains in which he fights against Russians in snowy terrain with the help of thermal vision, snowmobiles, and ice picks (used for climbing along the environment). Jason West, president and CTO of Infinity Ward, states, "The gameplay is wide open and has a lot of variety. In terms of the story... well, any good story is on rails." He also estimates that the campaign will be just as lengthy as its predecessor's.

Unfortunately, Game Informer also reveals that a co-op campaign won't be available. West explains, "We did a lot of co-op stuff early on that we were interested in, [but] it didn't work with the story mode at all."

The article ends with a description of a new Special Forces Mode (similar to the Mile High Club mission at the end of the first game) and discloses that Task Force 141 will bring the fight to Rio de Janeiro and Afganistan as well. For images from and discussion about the Game Informer story, head over to the 1UP boards.

Modern Warfare 2


8'1" Turk takes title of world's tallest man

LONDON – A towering Turk was officially crowned the world's tallest man Thursday after his Ukrainian rival dropped out of the running by refusing to be measured.
Guinness World Records said that 8 foot 1 inch (2.47 meter) Sultan Kosen, from the town of Mardin in eastern Turkey, is now officially the tallest man walking the planet. Although the previous record holder, Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk, reportedly measured 8 feet 5.5 inches (2.57 meters), Guinness said he was stripped of his title when he declined to let anyone confirm his height.
Stadnyk, 39, told The Associated Press he refused to be independently measured because he was tired of being in the public eye.
"If this title had given me more health or a few extra years, I would have taken it, but the opposite happened, I only wasted my nerve cells," he said.
"If I have to choose between prosperity and calm, I choose calm."
Kosen, 27, told reporters in London that he was looking forward to parlaying his newfound status into a chance at love.
"Up until now it's been really difficult to find a girlfriend," Kosen said through an interpreter. "I've never had one, they were usually scared of me. ... Hopefully now that I'm famous I'll be able to meet lots of girls. I'd like to get married."
Kosen is one of only 10 confirmed or reliably reported cases in which humans have grown past the eight foot (2.44 meter) mark, according to Guinness.
The record-keeping group said he grew into his outsize stature because tumor-related damage to his pituitary triggered the overproduction of growth hormones. The condition, known as "pituitary gigantism," also explains Kosen's enormous hands and feet, which measure 10.8 inches (27.5 centimeters) and 14.4 inches (36.5 centimeters) respectively.
The tumor was removed last year, so Kosen isn't expected to grow any further.
The part-time farmer, who uses crutches to stand, said there were disadvantages to being so tall.
"I can't fit into a normal car," he said. "I can't go shopping like normal people, I have to have things made specially and sometimes they aren't always as fashionable. The other thing is that ceilings are low and I have to bend down through doorways."
But he noted some advantages too, including the ability to see people coming from far away.
"The other thing is at home they use my height to change the light bulbs and hang the curtains, things like that."
Kosen's trip to the U.K. — his first outside Turkey — was organized by Guinness to publicize the release of its 2010 Guinness World Records book, this year's repertoire of weird and wonderful records.
Associated Press Writer Maria Danilova in Kiev, Ukraine contributed to this report.
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Pinoy Ka BA? Kung pinoy ka sali na!

The door of Pinoy Big Brother is about to open again. From the record breaking 57,824 auditionees, fifty hopefuls are left for the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up. The official number of housemates will depend on results of the subsequent casting process.

Here are some clues in the Top 50 Housemates in PBB Season 3:

  • Manila - 11 possible housemates
  • Pampanga / Tarlac - 6 possible housemates
  • Baguio - 4 possible housemates
  • Cebu / Bohol / Roxas - 8 possible housemates
  • Butuan / Davao / Gen. Santos - 10 possible housemates
  • Batangas / Cam Sur - 6 possible housemates
  • Europe - 5 possible housemates

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End of the world 2012



Blogging Event in Cagayan de Oro

Blogging Event in Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro is one of the great places here in Mindanao. It is also known as the place of Golden Friendship. One of the busiest months of the city is August because the city features a lot of activities. Recently the city celebrated the Kagay-an Festival 2009 that includes the Kagayan Dance Festival, Kumbira 2009, Tatak Environmentalist-One shirt.One Tree campaign launching, Kapamilya Caravan and many more.

On the other hand, the Month of September, the CDO Bloggers team is very busy because of the upcoming big event which is the Philippine Blog Awards and the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3. There are lots of bloggers and important guests who will attend the said event.

Pearlmont Inn, Limketkai Drive
Cagayan de Oro City
8AM - 5PM

7PM - 11PM

Registration: MBS3 Registration

I Hope to see you all this coming October 24, 09.
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Baby Products At Discount Prices!

Regular baby stores are expensive. When our first baby was born we spent a fortune on toys, gifts, clothes and stuff that makes your baby smile.Our aim is to sell you the same baby stuff you buy in stores but at discount prices. We know you want the best for your baby but sometimes that can be a big financial burden. With our website you can buy those expensive baby products and baby strollers for a discount price. Our Baby Kikay are always on sale!

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

The days of traditional advertising are slowly coming to an end as those forms of marketing are increasingly becoming ineffective. So what’s the new wave of the future? SEM – search engine marketing is the answer. SalesLion, LLC. offers a comprehensive internet marketing strategy (SEM included) that precisely targets your customer base.
Go to Google and search for a product/service that you provide. Chances are that a number of businesses that provide those products/services come up as search results. Do you see your business anywhere there? Unless you’re a corporate giant, such as Wal-mart or Starbucks, you’re probably no where to be found. This is where our internet marketing strategy comes in. Search engine websites account for more than half of all internet activity. By performing SEM – search engine marketing, you can index your business on the first page of those Google results.
There’s sponsored links, which cost money, and then there’s SEO, or search engine optimization, which is a lot cheaper. Fortunately for you, we do both. The paid, or sponsored, links are CPC, or PPC, which stands for cost-per-click, or pay-per-click. This means that you pay a standard fee every time someone clicks on that link (this can go for $0.50 to $50, depending on the screen real estate).
But why pay for traffic that you would have received for free organically. SEO – search engine optimization uses specific keywords related to your business so that Google or Yahoo picks it up. The more keywords used means the bigger chances of your business getting indexed. Eventually, that customer searching for your service will see your business. You’ll get more clicks to your website, and according to the law of averages, the more clicks you have, the more conversions (or sales in internet terms) you’ll get. And SalesLion, LLC. works on getting you indexed on all the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and now Bing



link from blog

Blog advertising

attending debut

ayan pictures ulit.. hehe.. nag attend kami dyan sa debut ng couzing nila mae. hehe.. mdyo dungis kami dyan. . basa kami sa ulan . ganda kc ng panahon nun. hehe.. pero ok lang nalasing naman ako eh.. haha.. lalo na ung sa left side. haha.. sumigaw ng uwak.. haha.. ghelo,olive,wboy,onamae,bhinoy. boinkz.

The awra boys

the awra boys mga iba rin trip eh nuh.. nagpapic2re pa sa palaruan ng mga bata.. hehe.. gs2 lang nmin sumali kaya ganyan.. hehe.. wag ng ko2ntra masasapak lang keo.. hehe.. ang gwa2po dva.. haha.. boinkz.. wboy,ghelo,alvin,bzong….